Patrik Wastlund

In Short

Born in 1964 and now a family man with a wife and three children.  All designers seem to love their job and I am no exception.  My work is more than just a profession to me.  The interest began when, as a child, I loved to draw and it is still the foundation for my job today.Patrik Wästlund


2010 Online Education Oracle University Certificate, “Oracle Stellent Site Studio Fundamentals” 2001 Online Education University of California, L.A. Quarter Units: 4., “Teaching and Learning Models for Online Courses” 1989-1990 Nice, France MJM 2-year studies in Graphic Design, Diploma 1989-1990 Stockholm, Sweden RMI Bergh Basic course in Advertising and Communication 1987-1990 Stockholm, Sweden Beckman’s School of Design Three years of studies in Graphic Design, Diploma 1986-1987 Oregon, USA University of Oregon Studied graphic design, one year, full time


Friends and family top the list.  We travel whenever there is a chance and the favorite place on earth right now is Stowe, Vermont in the U.S. where we own a townhouse, see (the condo is somtimes available for rent) Also, I like to explore new places walking.  I take walks whenever I get a chance, and now the interest has become so intense that I and a friend have decided to hike around the globe.  More about this here (all in Swedish, sorry): The Walk around the Globe

wants to create big things, like a new logo for your company