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A theme gives your website its layout and functions

Download “Business Starter” here! WordPress is perhaps the world’s most widely deployed CMS tool. 6 of 10 CMS installations today are WordPress according to this source: http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_management/all It is also the CMS tool that WD implement most often since it is used by most of our clients.  In recent years CMS came with a default theme that is packed with features and also entirely mobile-friendly – it uses responsive design.  The latest theme is called “Twenty Fourteen”.  For most companies, the demands are higher and the default theme will not be an option.  The graphic profile might be too far apart and some features might not be included. WD has adapted “Twenty Fourteen” and uses this so-called “child theme” for our own website.  Here is how “Business Starter” is different from its parent theme:
  • Use H3 in widgets instead of H1 for better SEO results
  • Removed date stamps from Aside items
  • JavaScript file added for more options
  • Green changed to blue
  • If a page or post uses Featured Image it will replace the header image to avoid double images at the top.
Many more changes (or improvements as we would like to call it) are to be discovered under the hood.  Enjoy!

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